European Finance Association

51st Annual Meeting

Bratislava, Slovakia 21-24 August 2024


Slovak Republic is a Member State of the European Union (EU) and thus Member State of the Schengen Area.  Generally, non-EU citizens need a Schengen visa to stay in the Slovak Republic.  To find out whether or not you need a Schengen visa,  please visit this webpage.

Check if you need a Visa

The Schengen visa application shall be lodged at the territorially competent Slovak diplomatic mission. Suppose the foreigner is residing in a third country (other than the country of his nationality). In that case, s/he may submit his/her visa application at the diplomatic mission territorially competent for the country of his current residence. Any exemption from the rule shall be profoundly justified by the applicant and is subject to the approval of the diplomatic mission.

The list of diplomatic missions of the Slovak Republic

If you require an invitation letter for visa purposes, you can request one via email from EFA/National Bank of Slovakia. Please note that while this invitation letter may help facilitate the visa issuance process, it does not guarantee that your visa application will be approved. It is your responsibility to apply for a visa on time and provide any additional supporting documentation as required. If your visa application is declined, NBS/EFA cannot arrange for the issuance of your visa on your behalf.

How to request your Visa invitation letter


  1. Register to EFA 51st Annual Meeting(information here);
  2. Send your request via email to
    1. Please include your name and surname, passport number, issuing country and expiration date of the passport.

Please be aware that as the local organizer of the event, the National Bank of Slovakia is not obligated to issue an invitation letter if there is suspicion that visas may be misused for a purpose other than attending the conference.

If you need an invitation letter to obtain a visa, please send your request to: Please include your name and surname, type of passport, passport number, issuing country
and expiration date of the passport.